Pool Re-Plaster

  • National plaster council states the best way to re plaster a swimming pool is with a bond coat, sand blast or chips out.
  • We chip out soft deteriorating plaster , and plaster surfaces with paint. We do not use large jack hammers on the pool surface has this can damage the pool shell and expose rebar and tire wire.
  • We use small demolition electric rotary hammers these do not damage the shell.
  • Bond coat plaster jobs are the best way to go they do not harm the pool shell they come out looking straighter than chip outs and is a better water proofer as you have double coat benefits on your pool shell and we warranty just as long!!!
  • We have 35 years in swimming pool excellence in the El Paso, Texas and southern New Mexico Area.
  • WE pump our plaster in with a big plaster rig. We have more experience and have plastered more pools than any other company in town.  Over 8,100 swimming pools to date!